What to do while staying at your home office in times of coronavirus [infographic]

Being confined at home due to the coronavirus can be a disturbing and uncomfortable situation. Maybe you’re in quarantine, or you need work from home because of regulations impacting your company. In any case, you have to keep safe and comfortable and use the times in a resourceful and productive way.

To stay healthy, you could set up and improve your new home office and develop an enjoyable routine. Plants and pictures near your desk will make your plants and pictures more productive and happier. And you should not worry about the messy desk, because science says it makes you more creative.

Home Office During Coronavirus

To keep being in a good mood, drinking enough water is a good idea. Also, an online chat with your coworkers helps to keep the spirit up. And maybe it’s time to improve your coronavirus fitness with a little workout in your living room. That reduces stress and anxiety. Air squat, negative push-up, or standing broad jumps make you fit for the job.

If you follow a 3 three-step process, you’ll have a good time working. First plan you pause, that helps balancing stress and recovery. Then you think about the tasks: Does it have to be done? Do I have to do it? Does it have to be done right now? And don’t forget to eat something delicious, as this boost morale.

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