What Arabs Share on Social Media

Social media usage in Arab world in growing. Check out our infographic to know the most popular social networks in Media East and social media usage habits among Arab world.

What Arabs Share On Social Media

Infographic by GO Gulf Web Design

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Social media usage habits among users in the Arab world

Activity %age
Chatting 50%
Reading Posts/Blogs by other people 18%
Searching for and connecting with family/friends 9%
Posting Pictures 6%
Blogging/ Discussing current events 6%
Others 11%


The perceptions of Arabs about Social Media

Reason %age
Easier to connect with each other 81%
Changed the world as we know it 79%
Bring people close together 70%
Following up with latest news 67%
Encourage people to be creative and innovative 66%
Big impact on success of companies 66%
Changing impact on my life 63%
Easier to find a suitable job 62%
Positive impact on society 61%
Made me a happier person 57%
Great channel of communication between government and people 52%


Top social media channels by usage

Social Media Channel %age
Facebook 87%
Whatsapp 84%
Youtube 39%
Instagram 34%
Twitter 32%



Average length of session when using Social Media

Session Length %age
Less than 5 minutes 5%
5-15 minutes 23%
16-30 minutes 25%
31-60 minutes 20%
1-2 hours 15%
2-4 hours 7%
More than 4 hours 5%


Top social media channels by %age of Arab social media users

Social Media Channel %age
Facebook 87%
Whatsapp 84%
Instagram 34%
Twitter 32%
Youtube 40%
Google Plus 29%
LinkedIn 9%



%age of subscribers who access social media daily

Social Media Channel %age of Daily subscribers
Facebook 89%
Whatsapp 96%
Instagram 80%
Twitter 39%
Youtube 66%
Google Plus 60%
LinkedIn 40%




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