Top 10 Death by Computers and IT [Infographic]

We live in a world full of computers and smartphones. They are everywhere, and they are a big part of our life. We depend on them, and they have a life of their own. Sometimes we’re threatened by their behavior. They want our money, or they just die.

Here we have a list of ten of the most intriguing facts on computers and IT. In rare cases using a computer is life threatening. Often the psychological effect that comes in depending on our electronic friends is more severe. Especially when they die. When devices turn silent and say their last words, we’re sad and often helpless.

Top 10 Death By Computers And IT

Infographics By GO-Globe E-commerce Bahrain
What makes us upset is when our phones and Laptops got infected. It often starts in the unknown, but then it turns into a malicious device. It’s spreading disease and infects other computers. And the numbers of infected devices are rising. From hundred thousands to millions and billions the rate of infection rises from year to year.

And the financial costs of fighting all these deadly things are enormous. From exploding phones to waves of spam, the countermeasures needed go into billions of dollars. And the most infected country are the United States of America. They are the zombie land number one.

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