Things That Happen On Internet Every 60 Seconds (Updated 2017) [Infographic]

Did you know that every 60 seconds around 700,000 Hours of Videos are being watched and more than 400 Hours of Videos gets uploaded on Youtube? Did you know that more than 3.8 Million Searches are being done on Google every 60 seconds. Want to know how big internet has become, check out our updated "Things That Happen On Internet Every 60 Seconds" infographic covering the latest 2017 statistics on things that happen on internet every 60 seconds.

Things that happen on Internet Every 60 Seconds 2017 Statistics

Infographic by GO-Globe Web Design Company

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Things that happen every 60 seconds (2017 Statistics) -

Around 700,000 Hours of Videos watched and more than 400 Hours of Videos Uploaded on Youtube

More than 3.8 Million Searches on Google

More than 243,000 photos uploaded and 70,000 hours of video content watched on Facebook

More than 350,000 Tweets Sent on Twitter

More than 65,000 photos uploaded on Instagram

More than 210,000 Snaps uploaded on Snapchat

120 New accounts created on LinkedIn

More than 156 Million E-mails Sent

More than 29 Million Messages Processed , 1 Million Photos and 175,000 Video messages Shared on Whatsapp

More than 87,000 hours of video watched on Netflix

More than 25,000 posts on Tumblr

16,550 Video Views on Vimeo

More than 500,000 Apps Downloaded

More than 80 New Domains Registered

More than 1,000,000 Swipes and 18,000 Matches on Tinder

Around 200 Event Tickets Sold on EventBrite

More than 50 New Reviews posted on Yelp

More than 1000 images uploaded on Imgur

More than 2,000,000 minutes of calls done by Skype users

More than 800,000 files uploaded on Dropbox

More than 5,500 Checkins on Foursquare

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