The eCommerce Future after coronavirus [Infographic]

"Looking into the future in times of crisis and daily change is difficult. We get news on the effects of coronavirus on the economy in an hourly manner. But with COVID-19 spreading globally for months now, everyone should know by now how to stay safe. People stay at home and wash their hands."

The coronavirus is pressing the already fast paced eCommerce world even harder. Logistics and supply chains are under pressure, and consumer behavior is changing. People who were strict on going to their favorite brick and mortar store now try out online shopping for the first time. Consumers insisting on getting their fresh groceries through driving to their local stores discover safe and quality grocery deliveries.

All these changes are supported by the arrival of new technologies like 5G and the mobile penetration rate reaching full coverage. Artificial intelligence is making progress every month and offers more insights and a better human touch from day to day. Furthermore, smart speakers and smartphones are becoming ubiquitous, voice commerce is becoming mainstream. Augmented reality helps to create a physical experience that narrows the gap between reality and online shops.

"So, we expect the eCommerce business to prosper even stronger
after overcoming the virus. New consumer behaviors got established, and people
value the advantages of online shopping even more, as they’ve experienced them firsthand
in the state of emergency."

Infographics by GO-Globe Bahrain Web Design

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