SharePoint VS GO ERP: Features and Benefits [Infographic]

GO ERP is a fully integrated suite of business modules that encompasses the traditional ERP functionality. SharePoint is a document management and storage system. SharePoint is a web-based application that integrates with Microsoft Office and it is highly configurable and usage varies substantially between organizations.GO ERP system uses python as its core programming language with Linux, OS X, and Windows operating system, with 3 layers of Authentication mechanism: Password, LDAP, and OpenID, HTTPS for all pages (web-based apps). GO ERP offers 243 features in total, the number is high as compared to SharePoint, which holds 57 features.

Sharepoint uses C# as its core programming language with the windows operating system only. with Authentication mechanism: Password and Active Directory. . It’s highly technical, requires specialized skills, and will take time. And when you’re given a 600-page deployment guide before you start, it should give you an idea of what’s to come. Despite Good UX SharePoint, however, boasts complex technology rather than employee-centric design, so naturally, the user experience suffers.

Infographics by GO-Globe ERP Saudi Arabia

It goes without saying that any tool designed with a poor user experience will have a low user adoption rate. For example, when the SharePoint search feature takes longer to find the right files than a standard search through a file system, you can’t blame someone for avoiding it. Reports explain that two-thirds of organizations with SharePoint blame the low adoption rates on inadequate user training and the difficulty in using the platform.

The capacity to change the interface for present-day destinations is incredibly constrained. Microsoft has discouraged organizations from customizing the homepage, as unexpected errors can occur if the layout options are changed.

On the other hand, GO ERP is One solution for the entire business, having Low cost of implementation. Highly Customizable to meet user needs. GO ERP is scalable. If you’re scaling up in terms of employees, you can simply add more users. If you’re scaling in terms of adding more functions to your business (e.g. adding eCommerce, manufacturing, etc.), you can add new modules. If you’re scaling by taking your business global, you can also stick with GO ERP.

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