Shanghai In Numbers [Infographic]

Did you know that numbers can tell a story better than words? Shanghai has a fascinating story too – and we have it all for you here, in numbers! Shanghai’s estimated population at the moment is 24.15 million. That’s a WOW number, especially when you note the fact that average life expectancy of the city's permanent residents is 82.47 ! There are a number of expats living in Shanghai as well – the estimated current number is 174,000 numbers.

Check out our infographic “Shanghai In Numbers” for many more such interesting facts about the bustling metropolis of Shanghai!

Shanghai Interesting Facts and Statistics

Infographic by GO Globe Shanghai Website Design Company

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Of the 174,000 expats living in Shanghai, 88,000 are foreign experts who have lived in the city for at least one year. This figure has gone up 3% compared to two years ago. The remaining 86,000 expats worked for Chinese and foreign enterprises or joint ventures.

Shanghai’s cost of living ranks 24thin the world, which is the second highest cost of living in China, right behind Hong Kong.

The estimated per capita disposable income in Shanghai reached 47,710 yuan ($7,611) when compared to the national averageof 20,167 yuan.


Output Share Of Key Industries


Industry %age
Computer, communication and electronic equipment 15.9%
Automotive manufacturing 17.5%
Raw chemical materials and chemical products 8.0%
General equipment 7.5%
Electrical machinery equipment 6.4%
Smelting and pressing of ferrous material 5.7%


Composition Of Per Capita Expenditure In Shanghai Households


Expenditure %age
Food 34.9%
Clothing 7.2%
Household articles 6.1%
Medicine and medical services 4.8%
Transportation and communication 16.8%
Recreation, cultural and education 14.6%
Residence 10.1%


Shanghai has the longest metro system in the world, with 548 kilometers of track.

Shanghai has the largest bus system in the world with more than 1,424 bus lines!

The people of Shanghai work in various sectors, including education, health, scientific research, economic development and creative design among many others.

When it comes to skyscrapers, Shanghai ranks number 4 in world (124 skyscrapers) preceded by Hong Kong (303), New York (237) and Dubai (144).

The tallest Chinese building is the Shanghai Tower (632 meters)

Shanghai has the world’s largest Disney Store 54,000 square feet (5,017 sq. meters)

Quick Stats

Estimated internet penetration rate: 68.4%

Estimated smartphone penetration rate: 49.1%

Estimated time on reading and listening on smartphones every day: 305 minutes

Top Services Or Functions Used By Shanghai Smartphone Owners

Functions %age
Chat 54.9%
Downloading/Listening to music 53.9%
Short messaging 52.5%
Watching / reading news 44.7%
Searching for information 43.7%
Online/social games 37.7%
Camera 34.9%
Downloading games 32.7%
Email 25%



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