Payment gateways for eCommerce [Infographic]

A payment gateway helps eCommerce merchants to handle payments in an easy and comfortable way. The provider of offers a web integration or programming interface that authorizes credit cards or direct payments processing for e-businesses and online retailers. The global online payment gateway market estimated to be worth about 125 billion US dollar by 2023 with a stellar CAGR of 12.8 percent.

The general trends in payment are that they will become invisible for a seamless customer experience and that payments will start to show up in the places you’d least expect. Especially younger customers drive further growth. Currently the top five payment gateways for eCommerce are Braintree, PayU, Amazon Payments, Authorize.Net, and PayPal.

Payment Gateways for Ecommerce

The general transaction fee is 2.9% among all top payment gateways. They all deliver good customer experience, a unified mobile payments experience, and they’re offering rewards for their customers. Security is the most important feature of a payment gateway. With a loss of 6.4 billion US Dollars in 2018 for US merchants and an average loss of 150 thousand US Dollars for small enterprises a year, security has to be addressed. Important Security features in gateways like Address Verification Service (AVS), Card Verification Value (CVV), and Device Identification should be looked for when choosing a payment gateway.

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