Importance of having a quality Website and Logo Design

If you run a serious online business your website is probably the major contributing factor to your success, especially if it’s well-designed, user-friendly and informative. The company website is the prime connection between you and the all-important customer base, upon which every business relies. So it makes sense that everything a person sees on a website should project an image that is consistent with your corporate identity.

In particular, a logo is a visual design element that works as a symbol of a company’s goals, attitude, and target market. It represents a company and, if chosen well, can work wonders for your business. Over time, a well-chosen logo becomes synonymous with your company and will take you a long way. Think of McDonald’s golden arches, or Coca Cola’s famous red and white swirl design, and you’ll understand the power of a logo.

When designing your website and trying to select a fitting logo, there are many features to consider, so take the time to find just the right one – it’ll be worth it. Remember: a good logo works simultaneously to convey a professional first impression to new customers and strengthen brand loyalty in returning ones.
First, decide what kind of logo suits your business best. Some companies make use of text-based logos, for example. With this type of logo a unique look is achieved by creating a distinctive font and color combination that sets it apart - this is called a type treatment.

Another type of logo illustrates exactly what the company does through graphic representation. For instance, if your business sells ice cream your logo might be the picture of a triple-scoop ice cream cone. This type of logo works well for businesses that can be easily summed up in a specific piece of imagery.

Lastly, a logo can be abstract. It could be a curly line, a shape or something in that vein, which represents the company brand. This type of logo takes time and money to be effective, as it starts off meaning nothing – only when a company grows and becomes more well-known can this type of logo come to symbolize the product you are selling. For the start-up company looking to gain exposure and break into the business world, a logo that clearly sums up your business is probably a better choice.

The process of choosing a logo

Selecting an appropriate logo will take some time and effort, but it is this crucial initial investment that will ensure your business logo design will do its job over the long term. You might start off by brainstorming about the image your company represents, or the message you want to express to the public. This will help you focus on what’s important about your company’s product and come up with an apt visual representation of all it stands for.

Next, check out the competition to discover what you’re up against. What logos do other businesses in your field use? Are they professional and formal or creative and flashy? Once you determine the image your competitors have established, seek to differentiate your own logo and separate yourself from the crowd. If your logo and corporate identity differ from everything else on the Internet, people will want to see what you’re all about.

Keep it simple. Don’t go overboard when choosing a logo because this is always a big turnoff. Keep your logo crisp, clean, focused and easy-to-understand. It should also be functional and focus on the overall feel of your website and company in general.

Also consider how your business benefits your target market. Why do you provide the best product or service online? If you can convey this message easily and clearly through a graphical logo go ahead and do so. If your customers recognize your logo and associate it with the main crux of your product, they will bring you repeat business time and time again.

Choose a logo that looks good in black and white. Colors are great, but when you need to send faxes or make photocopies the company logo needs to show up strong and clear for everyone to see.
Whatever you do, stay away from clipart. Even if you want to avoid the high costs of hiring a professional designer, there are better ways to create a memorable logo that will last you for years to come. Many design companies, for example, sell logos for discounted prices that you can use as is or manipulate to suit your specific needs.

Finally, don’t choose a corporate logo that follows the latest trends. A logo is something you should expect to last a very long time, as it will come to stand as a symbol for the quality and trustworthiness of your name. You don’t want it to look outdated in a few years and have to change it entirely. Loyal customers look for a familiar logo and don’t take too kindly to logo changes. (by Katerina Mitrou, sourced by GO-Globe - web design Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman web development in Abu Dhabi)

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