Expats in Qatar - Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

Did you know expats account for around 85.7% of total  Qatar population and more than 63% of expats are satisfied with their life in Qatar. 63% Expats moved to Qatar for better job prospects and 44% moved to boost their earning potential. Check out our infographic "Expats in Qatar" for latest expats statistics and trends including top industries for Expats, expats cost of living in Qatar and more.

Expats In Qatar Statistics

Infographic by GO Gulf Qatar Website Design Company

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Estimated population of Qatar – 2.169 Million

 Nationality %age
Nationals 14.3%
Non-nationals 85.7%

By Gender

Gender %age
Male 64%
Female 36%

Expats by Nationality

Nationality %age
Indian 16%
Filipino 15%
British 11%

Top Industries for Expats

  Industry %age
Construction 25%
Education/Research/Translation 13%
Business services / professional consulting 10%

63% of expats are satisfied with life in Qatar

Very Satisfied 12%
Satisfied 25%
Mostly Satisfied 26%
Neutral 21%
Less than Satisfied 9%
Not Satisfied 5%
Not Satisfied at all 2%

Expats Cost of living in Qatar

Estimated Spending by Non-Qatari Households( %age of monthly spending)
Rent 34.16%
Food 14.99%
Transport 12.93%
Traveling abroad 9.11%
Education 5.58%
Communication 4.55%
Clothes and shoes 3.44%
Recreation and Entertainment 2.46%
Personal care 2.23%
Furniture and Appliances 1.79%
Household operations 1.51%
Medical care 0.98%
Tobacco, cigarettes and alcohol 0.38%
Others 5.89%
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