Egypt Ecommerce Statistics and Trends [infographics]

The value of the region’s e-commerce sector surged 52% to reach USD 22 bn by the end of 2020 — 80% of which came from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, Wamda, and MIT’s Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship found.

41.36 million people purchasing consumer goods via the internet in Egypt with an average spend of $79/year, this makes a $3.27 billion consumer goods market with 63.5% annual growth.

Online shopping trends are on the peak, increased by 940% after the pandemic as 80% of young Arab’s shop online frequently, after the pandemic. 72% of Egyptian consumers are shopping more online since the pandemic. 54% of consumers spending more money on virtual experience.

Egypt Ecommerce Statistics


Egypt consumer goods e-commerce:

41.36 million people purchasing consumer goods via the internet.
$3.27 billion consumer goods ecommerce market
+63.5% annual growth in the total value of the consumer goods ecommerce market
$79 average annual spend per user

Online Shopping Trend

80% of young Arabs shop online frequently, after a pandemic.

72% of Egypt consumers are shopping more online since the pandemic

54% of consumers spending more money on virtual experience

Increase Online Shopping By 940% after a pandemic

Ecommerce Trend
Searched online for a product or service to buy (any device) 78.90%
Visited an online retail site or store (any device) 77.80%
Used a shopping app on a mobile phone or on a tablet 49.50%
Purchased a product online (any device) 56.60%
Purchased a product online via a mobile phone 40.10%


Spend By Category
Travel, Mobility, & Accommodation $B 2.61
Fashion & Beauty $M 762.9
Electronics & Physical Media $M 885.1
Food & Personal Care $M 616.3
Furniture & Appliances $M 417.2
Toys, Diy & Hobbies $M 588.7
Digital Music $M 20.12
Video Games $M 556.9


Growth By Category
Food & Personal Care +94.8%
Toys, Diy & Hobbies +65.1%
Fashion & Beauty +62.8%
Furniture & Appliances +62.1%
Travel, Mobility, & Accommodation -42.50%


E-Commerce Transactions
55 Percent Of The Online Purchases Being Payed Through Cash
27 Percent Of Online Retail Payments Were Done With Cards
Eight Percent Of Purchases Done Online Using E-Wallets
Banking Intermediaries
Nine Percent Were Paid Through Banking
Other Payment Methods One Percent


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