Ecommerce in Jordan [Infographic]

eCommerce generated 739 million USD in revenue in Jordan for 2021 - an increase of 25.5% compared to last year. However, the sector is still vastly untapped and poised for exponential growth, as in the rest of Middle East. Jordan currently has nearly 7 million internet users. Just over 1/3 of them shopped online in 2021 and generated just over 200 USD average revenue per user. Global trends indicate that this number can only grow as more people transition to online exchange.

COVID Pandemic has opened way for this change, with more people turning to online transactions over the last 2 years. At the current rate of growth, 4.5 million eCommerce users are expected to generate over 1 billion US dollars in revenue by 2025.

Infographics by Web Design Jordan

Ecommerce  Jordan

Jordan has begun to facilitate this growth, including the rising of the minimum customs duty exemption ceiling to 200 JD. However, payment systems and lack digital framework legislature may present the main barrier to higher adoption.

Social Media presents a major growth potential for the eCommerce sector globally. Jordan's eCommerce industry is still small and is not yet large enough to create major disruptions in the market. The majority of Jordanians are online, making it easier for them to purchase products online. As internet penetration continues to rise, so do opportunities for growth in the e-commerce sector.

Jordan is well positioned to make the most of this with 2/3 of its population (aged 15+) using Social Media - a 10.5 per cent increase or 600,000 new social Media users over the last year.

Jordan has a population of 10.24 million people and the number is growing rapidly. It is one of the most developed countries in the region with a high level of education and literacy rates. The Jordanian e-commerce market is also growing at a rapid pace with an increase in online shopping trends among Jordanians.

There are many opportunities for ecommerce to grow in Jordan, including: -The growth of mobile internet users in Jordan will lead to increased demand for ecommerce services -The increase in the number of international retailers entering the Jordanian market will create more competition which will lead to better services and prices for consumers.

The overall development of the market will improve people's ability to buy online. The Jordanian ecommerce market will continue to grow in the near future and provide extra opportunities to region’s local and international sellers.

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