Difference between a good website and a bad website

Sometimes in life you face people who really don t understand what you want to say, it just doesn t goes through their heads. Theses people are self-absorbed. They just say things about themselves but won t listen to what other is saying. Same things happen with websites too. Many websites are egocentric. Rather than solving customer problem or helping them find right information and result, they keep talking about themselves. However in Internet you can escape from such sites than in real life.

Many webmasters while developing their websites really don t care about user interaction which starts hurting them in long run. They a more about their office structure, working staff, latest technology but keep the customer`s problem in secondary place.

Since visitors see website as a whole rather than reading every word and when they don t find what hey need in seconds then that offends they must and they don t mind to turn off the website as fast as possible.

While, a good website does not confuses a visitors, its gives them what they want as quickly as possible. A good websites always gives straight forwards statements than are customer centered, it gives the support it claims, they give priority to potential; problems and they try to start user interaction with the website. A good design and error free writing does not makes a good website a good website need to have all that things which can attract repeating visitors and can keep them engaged in itself. (by DigBack, (by Johnny Flash, sourced by GO-Globe - web developers and SEO Dubai based company)

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