Custom Web Design Vs Website Templates [Infographic]

Selecting between custom developed web design and website template has been an age old argument among business owners when taking their business online. There was a time when it was just about enough when you have a functioning website is all you needed. But today, that’s simply not going to cut in order to attract customers in this ever evolving competitive market. Clients and customers have plenty of options to choose from and business owners need to have a strong, bold, and unique online presence to stand out from the crowd.

Pre-made templates may have been the way to go for many low budget start-ups and small enterprises simply due its initial lower investment and quicker implementation. However, our decade of experience in custom web development have proved that a custom designed and developed website has far better results in the long-run. Custom built websites provide a stable long term online presence with better ROI and conversion rates when it comes to generating business in addition to its a user friendly design to offer the best user experience. Check out our new infographic to understand why you should opt for a custom web design over web design templates:


Custom web design vs website templates

Infographic by GO-Globe Web Design Company

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High ROI and Conversion rates

The main objective of your website is not only to look good but also to generate more profit for your business. And. Custom designed Websites have much higher ROI and conversion rates as compared to Pre-Made templates because they are built specifically according to your business requirements and your target audience

Design & Visual Effectiveness

Custom built websites have the edge in terms of its design and visual effectiveness as it can be tailored to your unique requirements to exceed business objectives.

Templates, being one of thousands of similar websites have an extremely impersonal identity that typically cannot go beyond changing of fonts and colors in most cases.

Easy to scale and User-Friendly CMS

Custom websites have a complete control over contents and design as well as potential expansions in the future without much of a limitation and security risks. It also allows creating a CMS that are both easy to use and have better control of your contents.

Pre-built templates doesn’t offer a lot of customization and lacks control. And as a pre-made template, your contents are mostly required to fit the template rather than creating a unique identity. The CMS of a templates are often unfriendly and has a doubtful security.

Average Lifespan and Effectiveness

Average lifespan of a custom developed websites are 3-4 years on average while templates have 1.5 years on average.

Custom built websites are specifically tailored and developed to your target audience offering a great user experience that they would expect and is often a cost effective long term solution.

Templates have little to no opportunity to customize to match to your target audience as it is pre-made for general audience, and its maintenance costs could easily multiply over time rendering it an inefficient solution.

SEO & Mobile Readiness

Custom websites are always responsive across all screen sizes and mobile devices. Custom design will have an inbuilt SEO support admin panel where you can fully optimize your on-site SEO, saving the half of the SEO costs right away.

Templates have a chance of being unresponsive in one or more devices. Templates generally doesn’t have much SEO support, requiring considerably higher SEO investments from the beginning.


Custom developed websites often needs higher investment in order to provide better ROI and profits in the long run. Custom websites also typically demand higher resources and longer development time depending on the overall sophistication of the features.

With templates it's nearly impossible to achieve a top quality and a good user satisfaction ratio therefore they provide mediocre quality at best and a very low user satisfaction rate. Maintenance can be expensive, may have hidden costs, and lacks reliable support when there’s an issue. The contents have to be edited according to the template, creating a feeling and look just like any other typical website.


Custom designed websites are built perfectly in line with the branding and marketing initiative conveying the correct messages to your target audience, which results in high user satisfaction and ROI. Custom designed websites give you a complete control over contents and security, making it possible to expand them anytime in the future and makes them a long term stable tool to generate business.


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