Building trust in online shopping [Infographic]

Trusting an eCommerce store is a prerequisite for a sale. In today’s digital world with news about massive frauds, scams, and identity theft the customers feel often insecure. Our trust relies on our peers. We look at reviews, recommendations, and experiences of fellow shoppers.

The core questions an unsettled customer has are: “Is the Business for real? Can I shop safely? Will I like this product?”. As a result of the fears sales worth 9.1 billion US Dollar are lost every year. 81 percent feel concerned shopping on a new website. And thrust is not a choice, it’s a gradual state.

online shopping

To build trust, you have to address the emotions of a customer and show her signs of your trustworthiness. For a store that means, make a good first impression, use trust signals, and show off your products. In this way you’ll build trust over the time.

You could achieve 95 percent more conversions with human photos. These photos of you and your team make a more personal connection to your customer. You should show empathy. Help your customer with easy access information and don’t bug her with asking information twice. So, you’ll empower users’ confidence and build credibility.

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