Automotive eCommerce Trends [Infographic]

Ever since the internet first came into existence, it has been a game changer for many industries. The automotive industry is no exception. With the advent of ecommerce, this industry has seen an exponential growth in its customer base and revenues. Some companies are using innovative solutions to sell their products and services online. Automotive ecommerce solutions help them in managing their inventory, streamlining their processes and providing a seamless experience to buyers.

Automotive eCommerce sector growth post-COVID is now driven by increasing demand for (and openness to) online retail solutions. In fact, almost 2/3 of people are now open to the prospect of buying a car online; that is almost double the pre-pandemic numbers. 6 MILLION new vehicles are expected to be sold globally via eCommerce channels by 2025.

With manufacturers including Tesla and Volvo, car and parts dealers, and retailers like Carvana and even Walmart, steering eCommerce growth, 2022 is likely to see the continued developments towards a fuller online shopping experience. We can expect omnichannel outreach, increased online presence, and innovative options. In particular, we can expect increased adoption of Virtual Showrooms and Augmented Reality buyer experience models. With many buyers still preferring the in-store experience, it will be interesting to see how virtual solutions evolve in response. Undeniably, however, automotive e-commerce is here to stay.

automotive ecommerce

Infographics by GO-Globe Web design Nigeria

In UAE the eCommerce aftermarket is expanding accordingly. It is mainly driven by the B2C category via specialty shops, thanks to growing interest in DIY vehicle customization and upgrades. UAE citizens may not be ready to transition fully online, but they do expect traditional channels to present digital options and enable online transactions.

With global trends and big auto names driving online and digital disruption, it is only a matter of time before awareness levels facilitate a more definitive adoption of emerging online technologies and omnichannel business models in the UAE.

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