7 Multi Channels to increase sales of your E-Commerce business in Egypt

E-Commerce has been the rave of the 21st century in Egypt and all other world countries. Most businesses have turned to it to sell their products to their customers, and there is no denying that customers have come to enjoy the fact that they do not have to go to a store to purchase the products they need. However, it is not enough to just dive into E-Commerce for a business to increase its sales – that is only the first step.

There are a variety of channels that business owners could use to drive up the level of sales in their businesses. Customers view these various channels before they make their decisions on the products they would want to purchase.

Customers are usually not loyal to a particular channel before they buy a product. So even when they see promo offers on a particular channel, they would still want to check out other channels in the hope that they might get even better offers.

Business owners who desire to thrive do not use just one or two channels to increase the sales of their E-Commerce businesses. The idea of marketing through multiple channels – or as it is commonly called, multi-channel marketing – is to sell on various channels so that customers can get in touch with your E-Commerce business through any of them. If your business is on several channels, there is a high probability that customers will find your business.

The point is not to be on every marketing channel that exists; instead, the idea is to be on the ones that will give you an edge over your competitors. There are many marketing brands on several channels; you want to make sure that your own business sticks out.

This article will provide you with the 7 multi-channels that can help you increase the sales of your E-Commerce business in Egypt and some helpful tips about multi-channel marketing.

Helpful tips about marketing channels

The following are some helpful tips that you should consider before choosing a marketing channel.

  1. The focus of the channel should be well defined

Multi-channel marketing is not about being on every channel. However, you would first need to consider what being on a channel means for your E-Commerce business – that is, your chosen channel must pair well with your brand, industry, and target audience.

For instance, Facebook has more users in comparison to all other social networks, but it does not really pair well with businesses the way Twitter and LinkedIn do. B2Bs do better on Twitter and LinkedIn than on Facebook; what does better on Facebook and Instagram are B2Cs.

  1. Understand the buyer’s journey

There are four stages in a buyer’s journey, beginning from awareness, consideration, decision, and then post-purchase. The awareness stage is mostly gotten on social media platforms – even when they visit your site, they might not look at your products. Consideration is the point where customers browse through the products; the decision stage is where they place the order. As a buyer goes through this journey, they might make contact with over 5 channels.

  1. Build a multi-channel marketing plan

When you understand a buyer’s journey, the next thing to do is to create a marketing plan. An efficient marketing plan involves various types of content and techniques for communication and the channels for interaction with customers. Your plan should include:

  • Realistic and attainable goals
  • Sales channels that work and personality of potential customers that become leads
  • Full details of marketing tactics and a way to communicate across channels
  • Plans of things you need to do to remain on track
  • KPIs and their measuring tactically
  • Use dynamic remarketing on all channels

Through dynamic remarketing, you can show ads of your products to prospects that have already checked out your site. Even if they were not interested in making a purchase before, they could change their minds.

7 Multi Channels to increase sales of your E-Commerce business in Egypt

Boost E-Commerce Business In Egypt

Once you dive into E-Commerce, your next move should be to help your target audience find your online store and engage with you. To get this done, you need to set up a marketing strategy – a plan to ensure the growth and influence of your business. You also have to be very observant – you need a working knowledge of the channels that bring in prospects that end up becoming conversions.

So basically, you need to have a lot more clients for your E-Commerce business and increase the number of sales for your products. Now let’s talk about the 7 multi-channels that can bring you more commerce and boost your sales regardless of your market niche.

  1. SEO optimization for E-Commerce

If you want to have quality traffic on your online store, one of the ways to get them is through search engines. Most of the traffic that your website will attract will start from there. Search engines are the bridge between the needs of a customer and the online stores that have the solution in the store. The truth remains that for new customers who have not already heard of your website, the way they can find out is through either Bing or Google.

If, for instance, your online store sells swimming goggles, a new customer that searches for swimming goggles on either Bing or Google will definitely find your site as long as you have done a search engine optimization that is guaranteed to put your site among the top sites that will be displayed.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), in essence, refers to, when you have properly optimized for the search terms that a customer will enter into the search box of any of the search engines, your online store will be among the top sites that will be displayed. If the customer is like every other kind of individual on the internet, they will probably take a look at only the first 3 or 5 sites that they see, and if your website is one of them, they will probably buy from you. It is, therefore, important that you invest a lot into your search engine optimization (SEO), such as backlinks based on keywords if you are interested in increasing your sales.

More so, the recent evolution of SEO has brought on some of the practices that online websites can follow up with. This would increase traffic on their sites, thereby preventing using dishonorable means. More to be said, there are various tools that you can use to see how good your SEO is and also measure how much your site improves as time goes.

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  1. Content Marketing for E-Commerce

For a long time, content marketing has been a very good channel for drawing great traffic to your online store. Your clearly defined target audience can be reached through content marketing, and that is why HubSpot refers to it as Inbound marketing.

With content marketing, you provide information that is both useful and valuable to your customers or audience and also communicate with them continually through various formats for content such as;

  • Blogs
  • Explainer video content
  • Infographics
  • Whitepaper
  • Buying guides

Of recent, content marketing has become a very effective marketing channel for E-Commerce businesses. Development and maintenance of a culture where you are always providing your customers with informative content that pertains to what your business is involved in can help you create content that will your target audience, no matter how small, will find appealing.

  1. Email marketing for E-Commerce

The most effective way to drive more traffic to your E-Commerce business is through email marketing. With email marketing, you are bound to generate more leads when you apply its use properly. The role it plays as a marketing channel has generated more results than other marketing channels and is sure to do the same for E-Commerce businesses in Egypt.

In order to reap all the benefits that email marketing offers, you will have to ensure that the list of subscribers that you have who are not only interested in your products but your brand, in general, is large. Furthermore, you will have to keep tabs on your email database and update it (using valid email addresses) as often as possible. This is guaranteed to help you boost the engagement rate between your email campaigns and your customers. Your email campaigns should include;

  • Campaigns for new arrivals (for instance, an exclusive offer for the first sale to a particular customer)
  • Email campaigns for promotional purposes (a festival sale is a good example)
  • Triggered email campaigns (examples: out of stock, shopping cart abandonment)
  • Emails for transactions (such as order confirmation and order delivery)
  1. PPC strategy for E-Commerce

You can increase the sales of the products in your online store in Egypt by engaging the mechanisms of paid advertising to make your E-Commerce business known to the persons who don’t yet know that your business is out there. An example of paid advertising includes Google Ads and Adwords. Once you subscribe to any one of these, you make it so that the landing page of your E-Commerce business is what appears in the ad section of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) of prominent search engines like Google or Bing.

When executed appropriately, investing in paid search marketing can get you more returns. This is because all website traffic coming from paid ads that impact search engines is included in paid search marketing. Therefore, another name for paid search marketing is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising or Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Remarketing, which is also termed behavioral targeting, is a very effective way to bring back visitors to your website and convert them so they become leads in paid search. If you want to launch a paid search campaign, the best search engine networks you should consider are either Google ads or Bing ads.

  1. Social media marketing for e-Commerce

Day after day, marketing on social media is getting more common and calling for attention. Through social media marketing, you can draw traffic from both free organic and even paid advertisements. Social media traffic involves every user of social media networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

As the social networks differ, so do the kind of audience, you will find on them. It is, therefore, only a best practice to do sufficient research on each platform before using your promotional posts to target the users or audience in that social platform. Even a small E-Commerce business or online store can find social networks to be very beneficial. Furthermore, when you have a business account on a social media platform, you gain access to a lot of tools for advertising and in-depth analytics.

  1. Affiliate marketing for E-Commerce

Under the category of performance-based marketing, there is something known as affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you give some kind of reward to affiliates who, with their own efforts, brought in visitors to your website based on the quality of the visitors that are brought in. Basically, this can be termed referral marketing, and you pay a certain commission to persons who made the referrals.

This is something that you can apply to your E-Commerce business to get visitors from Egypt. All you have to do is launch an affiliate program for your E-Commerce business. There are many widely known networks in which you can register your business that will reach your potential clients in Egypt.

  1. Influencer marketing for E-Commerce

Social media has been etched into our daily lives and has virtually become a part of it. Recent years have come with increasing talks about influencer marketing, and since the traditional outbound form of marketing is gradually losing its efficiency, influencer marketing has joined in as one of the fastest-developing channels of marketing in today’s world.

Although influencer marketing has been dominant for a long time, there is a new form to it such that key individuals with influence over potential clients are focused on to drive the message of your brand and offerings to the larger market.

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Multi-channel marketing is a good way to boost sales in your online store. You can reach prospects in Egypt through any of these channels. Some of the channels that have been mentioned in this article are email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, and so on. GO-Globe as a leading web design company in Egypt is ready to boost your business efforts.



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