Qatar’s Digital Landscape – Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

85% of households in Qatar are connected via broadband (gone up by 5% from 2010) . On average, a Qatar household owns three mobile phones, two computers and one smartphone. Check out our new infographic, “Qatar’s Digital Landscape – Statistics and Trends” for the latest statistics and trends such as top online tasks performs by Qatari Internet Users, Qatar E-commerce and M-commerce industry and more.

Qatars Digital Landscape

Infographic by - GO-Globe ERP Qatar

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Qatari citizens (ages 15 and 24) have the highest ICT penetration rates of any age group, across the board, viz., computers (97%), Internet (98%), mobile services (approx. 100%)

Top Online Tasks By Internet Users

 Online Tasks  %age
Downloading, watching movies or music videos 69%
Reading or downloading newspapers and magazines 59%
Searching for information on goods or services 55%
Downloading and installing software 50%
Obtaining info from government organizations 45%
Education and learning activities 37%
Playing or downloading games 35%
Using peer-to-peer file sharing 32%
Purchasing goods or services 25%
Online banking 24%
Getting health-related information 24%
Interacting with government organizations 20%
Creating web pages or blogs 16%


Qatar has the fourth highest percentage of Facebook users in the Arab world

Social Media Sites Used By Percentage Of Population

Social Media Site %age of Qatar Population
Facebook 34%
LinkedIn 13%
Twitter 3.8%


Facebook Users By Gender

 Gender %age
Male 72%
Female 28%


Qatari E-Commerce is estimated to increase from 0.70 billion USD (2.6 billion QAR) in 2012 to 1.25 billion USD (4.6 billion QAR) in 2015.

Qatari mCommerce is estimated to increase from less than 0.1 billion USD (0.4 billion QAR) in 2012 to over 0.45 billion USD (1.7 billion QAR) by 2015.

Most Popular Online Shopping Methods In Qatar

Payment Method %age
Cash on Delivery 75%
Credit Card 18%
PayPal 7%

Locations From Which Most Mainstream Users Access The Internet

Location %age
Home 81%
Workplace 46%
Schools and colleges 10%

Average Internet Speeds In Qatari Households

Average Internet Speed %age
Unknown 12%
Dial-up 3%
256 Kbps – 1 Mbps 52%
1 – 4 Mbps 29%
4-10 Mbps 3%
10 Mbps+ 1%

Top Computing Devices Used for Internet Access

Device %age
Laptop 86%
Smartphone 86%
Desktop Computer 49%
Mobile Phone 46%
Tablet 32%

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